About Us

B42 is the #GameChanger in amateur football.

Our goal? We want to bring the performance of amateur football players to a new level, minimise their susceptibility to injury and provide them with professional support during the rehabilitation process.

We offer our athletes training and rehabilitation programmes based on the latest sports science findings and developed in cooperation with renowned sports doctors, coaches and therapists.

Our aspiration? We are constantly working on making our offer as simple and efficient as we can, in order to help as many football players as possible with our know-how. That is why our programmes are all bundled in one app and can be carried out without any further equipment, anytime and anywhere.

Our motivation? We founded B42 not only to improve the performance of amateur football players. But to return to the football that fascinated us as a child. Where gender, sexual orientation or skin colour played no role. We stand for equal rights, respect and a sense of community in amateur sport. For us, „EqualGame“ or „FairPlay“ are more than just trendy hashtags on social media platforms - they are the basis of our corporate culture.