Yoga for more balance in football

A guest article by our expert Matthias Asböck on the topic of yoga in football and how you can use it to improve your balance.


Yoga in football


In this blog we will show you another yoga flow for footballers. The focus of this movement routine is balance.


Why balance is important not only in football

In allen Lebensbereichen ist eine „gute Balance“ wichtig.

The "work-life balance", for example, describes the balanced relationship between work and leisure. Those who train too one-sidedly, i.e. not balanced enough, will never reach their true potential. And if the balance in nutrition is missing, we also get out of balance.

Each of us surely knows that feeling when too much or too little of something doesn't feel right in the long run.

In many ways, football players also need a good balance on the pitch. On the one hand, it has to be right between the team parts, and on the other hand, it has to be right in our bodies.



One could define balance as follows:

A stable body condition achieved through muscular coordination with balanced weight distribution at rest or in motion.


Our yoga flow for more balance in football

This flow aims to improve stability in your legs as well as your core.

That's why we recommend that you incorporate it into your training every now and then.

You may find the movements of this routine a little difficult at first. However, you will quickly make progress.


We recommend 3 - 5 repetitions.


Position 1: Mountain Pose


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 1


Come into a relaxed upright position:

Chest out, shoulders back down, abdomen and buttocks slightly activated.


Position 2: Mountain Pose Advanced


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 2


For advanced practitioners:

From this position, bring both arms up and come onto your toes. You will see that this position can be quite challenging.

Find your balance.


Position 3: Warrior III



Remain standing on your right leg and change position to standing balance.

Raise both arms backwards.

Make sure to activate the hip and pelvic stabilising muscles.


Position 4: Single leg Squat


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 4


Now bend the knee and hip joint of your standing leg and pull the left knee and both arms forward.

Activate the right knee slightly outwards to stabilise the leg axis. The balance focus should now be on the knee.

This eccentric activation is particularly valuable.


Position 5: Half Moon Pose



This position requires very good balance, flexibility and stability. A very effective rotatotor activation of your hip. 

Your right hand makes contact with the floor. Turn your upper body and pelvis upwards so that your gaze is on the left side.

Bring your left leg up so that it is as parallel as possible to the floor.

The outer edge of your foot (outer ligaments etc.) is facing the sky or the ceiling. Make sure your torso is stable and straight - no arch should be visible.


Position 6: Sprinter


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 6


Then come from the half moon into the sprinter.

The right foot is between the hands, the left leg is stretched back and your upper body is straight and activated.

One of the most effective "hip-opening" exercises.

Position 7: Balanced Superman



Extend the right leg backwards and keep it stable in the air.

Now bring the left arm forward and stabilise it as well.

In this push-up position you now only have two diagonal contacts.

Come into balance and feel the power in your "diagonal torso chains".


Position 8: Balanced Superman


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 8


Repeat the previous position on the other side, bringing your right leg and left arm up.


Position 9: Sprinter



Return your right hand to the support and pull your left foot forward in a controlled manner.

Place your foot between your hands.


Position 10: Warrior III


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 10


From here stand up dynamically and find a stable balance in the standing balance.


Position 11: Single leg Squat



Bend the knee and hip joint of your standing leg and now pull the right knee and both arms forward.

Activate the knee slightly outwards again to stabilise the leg axis.


Position 12: Half Moon Pose


Yoga für mehr Balance im Fußball - Position 12


This time your left hand makes contact with the floor.

Now turn up with the upper body and pelvis to the right side. Your left leg goes up until it is parallel to the floor.

Again, ensure a stable torso position.


Position 13: Mountain Pose



Finally, come into a relaxed upright position:


Yoga exercises for footballers also in the B42 app

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