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A successful team is not just the sum of its individual players.

It is a inseperable unit that connects more than the emblem on the jersey. United by the unshakeable will to give everything for the other and to surpass oneself together.

To make the impossible possible and 90 minutes unforgettable. But this requires strength, stamina and the right communication on the pitch.

Welcome to B42.

Alone you win matches

Championships together

But only if the personal strengths and weaknesses are known and taken into account. Only this enables individual training. But not somehow, but with innovative diagnostics and measurable performance data. Just like a professional squad, but with less time spent.

As a coach, you can use B42 to plan the right training for everyone. As a player, you can now go the extra mile to get to the ball that decisive step earlier than your opponent.

Whether in a team or alone

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Be fearless. Be focused. B42.

From district league to National League

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