B42 - The football app for your best form on the pitch.

Reach a higher performance level and work on a strong comeback in case of injury.  

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Together we want to change amateur football for good - on the pitch and beyond.  


The B42 football app brings the expertise of professionals to amateur football: training programmes that make you more enduring, resilient and faster, while reducing your susceptibility to injury.    

The B42 training app

We get you fit for the pitch. Our football app provides you with a training plan to work on all the physical requirements you need. To win more duels, give full throttle for 90 minutes, win sprint duels and secure the three points with your team. Benefit from the expertise of the pros, get your body in top shape and reach a new level of performance with our training app.

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Be fearless. Be focused. B42.

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More than 100.000 football players train with B42

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Fair play means more, considerably more, than just following the rules. With B42, we want to return to the football that captivated us as children. Where gender, sexual orientation or skin colour played no role. That's what we stand and fight for!

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