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Our motivation
We Breath Football
We stood or are standing on the pitch ourselves, got to know the soccer and grass fields of this republic and know the smell of freshly mowed grass from Eff Eff. We are driven by this passion.

We want to get back to the soccer that fascinated us as a child. Where gender, sexual orientation, or skin color did not matter. We stand for equality, respect and cooperation in amateur sport. For us, “EqualGame” or “FairPlay” are more than just popular hashtags on social media platforms — they are the basis of our corporate culture.
As a start-up, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: nothing less than to take amateur soccer to a new level. With our soccer platform for ambitious players, coaches and clubs, we give you the tools to significantly improve your performance on the pitch.

B42 makes it possible to use advanced methods and expertise from professional sports to improve the skills of each individual player for optimal team performance.
  • High-quality training content created by professionals
  • Optimized communication between all team members
  • Precise diagnostics & insights in your pocket
  • Personalized training plans with innovative B42 AI
Our goal
Better teams, better football
besserer Fußball
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The Team
Our B42 Dreamteam
The game is ruled by those who have the courage, ambition, and ability to move forward, cross borders, and challenge the status quo.
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Together agains racism
Young soccer players will shape our society and define our values in the future. On and off the square

Through sport, but also in everyday life in general, they have the opportunity and responsibility to construct social cooperation that does not ostracize and discriminate, but above all respect, diversity and tolerance.
Vier schwarze Jugendliche im VW Trikot auf dem Fußballplatz
Schwarze Frau im Nike Trikot hält Fußball unter dem Arm
Play 4 Her
Women's soccer is of great importance for B42. We are convinced that soccer can break borders and bring great social added value. Supporting women who want to pursue their passions is undoubtedly linked to this goal.

With this in mind, we have created a platform for women's soccer with Play for Her. The protagonists of this initiative are three great women, personalities, soccer players - and brand ambassadors from B42: FC Bayern Munich from the women's Bundesliga, FC Zurich and the player who was last signed with AC Milan, has now ended her soccer career and is assistant coach of the U-17 team.

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