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What is the B42 Coach Zone?

The B42 Coach Zone is the desktop solution for coaches and clubs. Different roles entail different rights, so the entire club can work together across teams.

Coaches can easily create appointments, plan game days and team training, send load queries and workouts, edit player data and view statistics & insights.

Depending on eligibility, athletic coaches can also distribute workout and load queries, carry out performance tests or add results manually or leave notes on injured players.

Players can make entries in the team treasury.

This means that all data is in one place and everyone knows.

What is the B42 Performance app?

The B42 Performance app is the solution for players.

The workouts, load queries and appointments created by the coach in the Coach Zone appear in real live time on the app and can be processed easily and clearly by the players. You can complete additional training sessions and compete with the team and players all over the world in the team feed.

Why should my team use B42?

You can only achieve your goals together. But sometimes it is difficult to keep track of everything. With B42, you can organize game days and team training, plan the team line-up and share it with your team, track the sporting successes & progress of your players and distribute individual prevention, fitness and technical workouts according to the team's level of performance and load.

B42 — The all-in-one solution for teams that want more.

Can I also use B42 without a team?

You can't convince your team to use the B42 app? It's not a problem. You can also log in to the app as a single player. Whether fit or injured, create your personalized training plan, perfectly tailored to the season phase and performance level. Get your FIFA style player card now, work specifically on your strengths and weaknesses and compete with players all over the world!

B42 — for the best season of your life

Which league is B42 suitable for?

The league doesn't matter — just your will to get better and break new ground. The training is individually adapted to the level of performance of each player. You can find out more about this at Team solution.


What is the advantage of B42 over other fitness apps?

B42 is 100% developed for soccer players.

We are on muddy fields ourselves in all weathers and therefore know exactly what is really important in soccer. We noticed that almost all amateur players did not have good training and rehabilitation facilities available.

So we looked for experts and tried to change that. Our team of professional athletes, sports doctors, therapists and trainers combines all the experience and knowledge from top-class sport in one app.

What is the benefit of training with B42?

With B42, you create the basis to achieve your highest fitness level on the pitch for over 90 minutes. Work on your power with our soccer app and get yourself physically to a level that will increase your tackle rate.

In addition, improve your soccer-specific stamina and prevent performance drops during the game. Become faster and more agile with our additional soccer training — and win decisive sprint matches. And if you're a goalkeeper, we also have something up our sleeve for you.

In which phase of the season can I train with B42?

In just about everyone. Whether running training during the winter break, mobility and regeneration training in preparation or ball-specific exercises during the season. B42 is your mobile coach for the whole season.

What is the B42 Game Changer?

The B42 Game Changer is the concentrated expertise of our team of renowned sports doctors, athletic coaches and professional athletes.

Regardless of whether you are fit or injured, based on your input on the season phase, performance level, position and training days, we will automatically create a 6-week personalized training plan, perfectly tailored to you. This allows you to work effectively on your strengths and weaknesses at any time, even without any know-how.

How does the Playercard work?

Only those who know their status quo can improve sustainably. For this purpose, we have designed the B42 performance tests, the so-called champion workouts, in collaboration with our team of experts of doctors, therapists and athletic trainers.

Based on the results, you get values in the areas of strength, mobility, endurance and speed. This allows you to work specifically on your strengths and weaknesses with the B42 workouts or the appropriate game changer and check the values at regular intervals with new performance tests.

You can also use your Playercard to compare yourself with soccer players all over the world!

How often should I run a performance test?

Ideally, test yourself every four to six weeks. Shorter periods of time make no sense as the body needs time to adapt. By the way, you can find out more about the theory behind the tests in the blog article about Performance tests.

How do I protect myself from overtraining

If you've fought your way through the first two weeks of the Game Changer, your body is already used to a lot and is better able to cope with the overall training workload. If you are still very tired on one day, it is better to stop training. Remember that you're training to get better and not just to check off a workout. Push yourself to the limit, but always listen to your body.

Administration & Support

How can I cancel my B42 subscription?

If you subscribed to the Performance app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store, you can cancel your subscription in the respective app store's subscription policy.

If you subscribed via our website, you can cancel your subscription via a link in the email you received when you signed up. Look for the email from stripe in your inbox. There you'll find a link to cancel your subscription.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

We have the most common questions about our products in our helpcenter summarized.

If we were unable to answer your question, please contact our customer support team at support@b-42.com

How can I delete my B42 account?

You can delete your B42 account via the app. In the settings under your profile, you can use the “Delete account” button. Your personal data will be deleted immediately. If you have any problems, you are also welcome to contact our support team.

How can I delete my B42 Nutrition account?

You can delete your Nutrition account via the Nutrition app. In the settings under your profile, you can use the “Delete profile” button. Your personal data will be deleted immediately. If you have any problems, you are also welcome to contact our support team.

GPS running tracking stops (Android)

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If you still have problems, feel free to contact our support via the customer service form.

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