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Team Management
All in one spot
Teamwork starts with the organisation of everyday tasks. Annoying Excel Sheets, untraceable data or missing feedback on events often make the perfect storm.

With B42, seamlessly organize schedules, track player availability, and streamline communication. Elevate teamwork, focus on the game, and lead your squad to victory."We no longer make soups to our own taste.
"We work together as a team across coaches with one app. Whether it's training or a match, all the data is in one place."
Logo SC Pfullendorf
Musa Avlayici, Coach U13
SC Pfullendorf
B42 Features: Termine erstellen, Mannschaftsaufstellung erstellen, Notizen hinzufügen
B42 Features: Screen mit Workout Video und Workout Kategorien Fitness, Running, Reha, Prävention, Mit Ball, Unter 15 Minuten.
Train like a pro
Working out in the gym often turns out to be unspecific and therefore ineffective.

Enhance your game with our Football-Specific Fitness Training. Tailored workouts boost endurance, agility, and strength, ensuring peak performance on the field. Elevate your fitness game with B42, dominate matches, and achieve your football goals!
"The big advantage of B42 over the gym is clearly that all the workouts promote football-specific fitness. This means that our players are actually doing something useful."
Logo SVE Hamburg
Leena Stahl, athletic coach
SV Eidelstedt
Prevention & Comeback
Safety First
Injuries are the toughest opponent and often determine victory or defeat. It's time to declare war on them. Preferably before they throw the team back. So that everyone in the team can give everything when it counts.

With B42 prevention training, you can optimally prevent injuries. They help to protect yourself from the most common injuries and target the areas you need for more stability on the pitch. And if someone does get hurt? Then the B42 comeback training gets you back on the pitch faster than ever before.
“Injured players throw the whole team back. In the three seasons with B42, I was able to reduce the percentage of muscular injuries to zero.”
Logo SV Oberwolfach
Joachim Kehl, Coach
SV Oberwolfach
B42 Features: Präventions- & Comeback Training für beispielsweise Knie, Sprunggelenk, Leiste oder Oberschenkel
B42 Features: Statistiken & Insights zur Belastung von Spieler*innen wie Muskelkater, Belastung, Schmerzen und Wohlbefinden
Statistics & Insights
Just get better
No more guesswork. With the B42 Coach Zone, you get a holistic overview of your players' strengths and weaknesses through performance diagnostics.

In combination with load management, you can optimally develop your players, avoid overload and develop their full potential.
“By managing stress, we have certainly prevented one or the other injury. Performance diagnostics also help us to work specifically on the strengths and weaknesses of the players.”
Logo FFC Wacker München
Cagla Korkmaz, Coach Regionalliga Süd
FFC Wacker München
Visionary Clubs
Trust us
Real innovation breaks down traditional ways of thinking. For us at B42, digitization is the key to soccer training of the future.

These and many other future-oriented associations are already following this path with us.
Logo Elle Football Academy
Logo Alberta Soccer
Logo Austria Salzburg
Logo 1. FC Nürnberg
Logo VfB Stuttgart
Logo Werder Bremen
Logo Jackson Polar Bears
Logo New Orleans DFC
Logo Austria Salzburg
Logo SVE Hamburg
Logo Würzburg Kickers
Logo FFC Wacker Muenchen
Logo Sportclub Pfullendorf
Logo TSV Buchbach
Logo FC Union Heilbronn
Logo 1. FC Lok
Logo JFV Singen
Logo TSV 1847 Schwaben Augsburg
Logo Alztal e.V Garching-Altz
Logo Spvgg Hankofen-Hailing
success stories
How coaches & clubs use
B42 for your team success
Spieler der SpVgg Hankofen beim Eckstoß

SpVgg Hankofen

How a tiny village turns amateur soccer on its head.

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Spieler vom SV Eidelstedt Hamburg macht Ballspezifische Übungen mit der B42 App

SV Eidelstedt

This club from Hamburg is revolutionizing soccer training.

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Spieler vom SC Pfullendorf beim Fitnesstraining mit B42

SC Pfullendorf

How SC Pfullendorf as an entire club benefits from B42.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should my team train with B42?

You can only achieve your goals together. But sometimes it is difficult to keep track of everything. With B42, you can organize game days and team training, plan the team line-up and share it with your team, track the sporting successes & progress of your players and distribute individual prevention, fitness and technical workouts according to the team's level of performance and load.

B42 — The all-in-one solution for teams that want more.

Can my entire team train with B42?

Of course B42 offers the function of creating your own team for this purpose. You can compare yourself with each other and yet everyone can work individually on strengths and weaknesses.

Can I also train alone in the B42 app?

You can't convince your team to use the B42 app? It's not a problem. You can also log in to the app as a single player. Whether fit or injured, create your personalized training plan, perfectly tailored to the season phase and performance level. Get your FIFA style player card now, work specifically on your strengths and weaknesses and compete with players all over the world!

B42 — for the best season of your life

Which league is B42 suitable for?

The league doesn't matter — just your will to get better and break new ground. The training is individually adapted to the level of performance of each player. You can find out more about this at Team solution.