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Success story
SpVgg Hankofen-
Points ahead
Workout allocation
Comeback & prevention
Performance diagnostics
Team Feed
Hankofen's football fairy tale
“We are currently on a wave of success. Everyone subordinates themselves to the whole, everyone plays for the club. I'm betting a lot on us being able to start injury-free preparation with B42.” – Heribert Ketterl, Headcoach

It is one of those stories that are written less and less frequently in modern soccer. A tiny village with just 250 inhabitants is turning Bavarian amateur soccer on its head — and that without the fat wallet.

SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing is now eleven points ahead and is decisively knocking on the door to the regional league. It would be the loop around the best season in the club's history.

But how does a small village in the Lower Bavarian province manage to write a fairy tale with manageable financial resources that would make even the Grimm brothers green with envy.

B42 accompanied SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing on its way to these goals during the winter break.

Fewer injuries — maximum effective preparation

Fit players — 100% full throttle on the pitch

B42 Features: Screen mit Workout Video und Workout Kategorien Fitness, Running, Reha, Prävention, Mit Ball, Unter 15 Minuten.
Fitness training
Our team of professional athletes, sports doctors, therapists and coaches combines all the experience and knowledge from top-class sport in one app. On training days, Tobias assigns a strength workout and a mobility workout to his players. In this way, they train holistically and optimally regenerate after training.
“When I set up a workout, I know that the players are training something useful. Something that also helps us get ahead in soccer instead of just sending them to the gym.”
Tobias Beck
Player coach
Prevention & Comeback Training
Back on the pitch faster
For Florian, it was time to get back on the pitch for now after a serious elbow injury. With the comeback training programs designed by Oliver Schmidtlein, former physiotherapist for FC Bayern Munich and the German national team, he remained part of the team even during the injury and was able to continue training with the team.
“I have my physical fitness again and am getting back to my working hours after the injury.”
Florian Sommersberger
B42 Feature Rehatraining für ein schnelles Comeback auf den Fußballplatz
B42 Features: Team Feed
Team Feed
Extra dose of motivation
All team activities can be viewed at any time in the team feed. Not only coaches, but also players can see the training progress of their teammates. In this way, SpVgg Hankofen-Heiling players always stay in touch and can motivate each other.
“It's new and cool to see that in the app, of course. You see completed workouts from ten other players and immediately think I have to get on with it! That is mutual sport that is fun.”
Daniel Hofer
Performance diagnostics
Just get better
The B42 performance tests evaluate the status quo of the individual players in the areas of strength, mobility, speed & endurance. This allows Tobias to individually assign workouts to his players according to their strengths and weaknesses in order to compensate for deficits and build on strengths.
“The videos explain very clearly what players have to do. After that, each player gets their strengths and weaknesses profile. As coaches, we can compare players and use the data for further load management. It was interesting to see where the players have deficits that can be compensated for and where they have already improved compared to other players.”
Tobias Beck
Player coach
B42 Feature Leistungsdiagnostik für Kraft, Mobility, Ausdauer & Speed

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