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Success story
SV Eidelstedt
Players promoted to higher leagues
Workout allocation
Performance diagnostics
This is how SV Eidelstedt Hamburg is revolutionizing its soccer training
“You can be the best dribbler. If you can't keep up the 90 minutes, you don't have the strength and stability, that won't do you any good.” – Leena Stahl, athletic coach

A team is only as good as every individual in it. But in team training, there is often no time to work on individual strengths and weaknesses? With B42, athletic trainer Leena Stahl is creating the basis for her players to achieve the highest fitness level on the pitch for over 90 minutes.

We provide coaches with tools to optimally support player development. With the B42 performance tests, Leena can check the current fitness status of her players or add results from manual performance tests. Through the workout allocation, she can then assign suitable fitness and endurance workouts based on the strength and weakness profiles of her players, plan them in advance and check whether everyone is involved.

In this way, it has all data in one place, can quickly identify overloads and prevent injuries at an early stage.

And the best part — no valuable time is lost on the pitch:

Outsourcing athletic training — more time for game forms & tactics

No more guesswork — transparent player development

B42 Features: Screen mit Workout Video und Workout Kategorien Fitness, Running, Reha, Prävention, Mit Ball, Unter 15 Minuten.
Fitness training
90 minutes of top performance
Improve football-specific endurance, prevent performance drops during the game, become faster and more agile and win decisive sprint matches. With B42, Leena and her players create the basis to achieve the highest fitness level on the pitch for over 90 minutes.
“Stability & strength have an effect on the duel and the shot on goal and increases your performance enormously”
Leena Stahl
athletic coach
Ball-specific training
Pro Skills
In order to bring variety to training, the coaches from SV Eidelstedt use ball-specific training as inspiration for their team training. Individual exercises refine ball control, precise passing and dynamic dribbling. With difficulty levels tailored to each player, they will soon become ball performers on the pitch.
“We just want the boys to have fun together. That they are successful, grow in defeats and realize how great it is to play soccer in the community.”
Christoph Hellmeier
B42 Feature Ballspezifisches Training für mehr Ballkontrolle
B42 Feature Leistungsdiagnostik für Kraft, Mobility, Ausdauer & Speed
Performance diagnostics
No more guesswork
No improvement without status quo. With the B42 performance tests, Leena knows exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of her players lie. In this way, she can fully exploit her potential and reach the next level together with them.
“With the players, we were able to achieve the success that they qualified for higher teams, expanded their strengths and therefore minimized their weaknesses.”
Leena Stahl
athletic trainer
Workout allocation
Just get better
Personal training plans for personal best performance. With B42, Leena can spontaneously distribute or pre-plan workouts and check who is training how much. Players can then perform the workouts on the pitch or at home without equipment.
“The B42 app is definitely a big advantage for coaches, as they can give players tasks to do at home and so no training time is lost on the pitch.”
Leena Stahl
athletic coach
B42 Features: Workout Feed, Workout Zuteilung und Statistiken & Insights zu beliebten Workoutkategorien der Fußballspieler*innen

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