No more Excel lists and “paperwork”
The new workout builder in the B42-Coach Zone
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A unique training solution — not just in amateur sports

The next big step has been taken. With the new workout builder, you can now create individual training sessions for your players and develop them optimally. You can use the B42 exercise pool and access more than 400 individual exercises.

A treat for every athletic or rehab coach. It has never been easy to create personalized training plans, simultaneously address individual needs and take into account the current healing process.

This makes us an absolute pioneer not only in amateur sports — even in the professional sector, such an individualized training plan is by no means available in every club.

But that's not all.

B42 Coach Zone Feature Workout Builder

Video upload for unlimited options

Is there an exercise missing from our exercise pool?

Would you like to create your own videos as an athlete — or rehab coach?

Are you in the process of building a personal brand?

Or would you like to provide videos in the club shirts for the players of your club?

Then we have just the thing for you.

In our Coach Zone, you can now also upload your own videos to create workouts and make them available to your players.

How long does that take?

Not longer than 30 seconds.

  • Upload video
  • Name exercise
  • Set preview image
  • Insert description (if required)

It's done.

But what is that supposed to do?

B42 Coach Zone Feature Exercise Builder

“From tomorrow on, please do these 5 exercises every day!”

Does this sentence sound familiar to you?

Regardless of whether you want to improve yourself or want to get back on track quickly after an injury - there are always exercises that you should do at home in order to be able to train effectively every day.

On the first day, you can usually remember two exercises.

On the second day, it's only a single one and on the third day you actually don't know exactly how to do this one exercise correctly anymore.


The good news is — you're not alone, we all know this problem.

But that is now an end.

Perfectly tailored training for your needs

In the future, your athletic coach or club physio will be able to create the perfect athletic or rehab training for you without having to train 1:1 with them every day. Or you run the risk of forgetting all exercises immediately. 😊 In the Coach Zone, these workouts can be created in less than a minute and you as a player can train them in the B42 app.

Where and when you want!

As often as you like!

And make perfect progress for yourself.

No more Excel lists and paperwork

You think something like this only exists in amateur soccer? Unfortunately not. Even in professional clubs — especially in the youth sector — people often still work with pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet. Even in most junior research centers, personalized individual training is just a dream. The reason? High software costs and intensive support costs are often not realizable — to the detriment of players and athletic coaches.

But that is now an end.

Let's transfer the know-how of professional teams to amateur sports together.

For optimal player development.

For effective use of training time on the court.

For an injury-free and successful season.

Every season again.

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

Create personalized training plans now. Where you want. As often as you like.

Reading time 3 min
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B42 — the ultimate app for athletic and generational training. Players benefit from tailor-made solutions for top performance, while coaches in the Coach Zone find innovative tools for targeted player development. B42: Your key to excellent performance and successful team development.

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