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Oliver Schmidtlein — former physiotherapist and performance trainer for the German national team and also the creator behind the B42 training logics — once said in Sönke Wortmann's “Germany a summer fairy tale”:

“A soccer player must be able to do a lot of things — he must jump, run, stop, change direction, be persistent. A soccer player must be able to do a lot of things. And he must train them all accordingly. You can no longer afford to do training that is not as effective as possible. ”

At B42, we have set ourselves the task of transporting exactly this professional know-how to amateur soccer. To do this, we work with the best trainers and therapists. The result is an all-encompassing training application that everyn playerin and so that every team will be better and more successful.

There when it matters. Matchday Fitness

Whether it's basic fitness, athletics, sprinting skills or mobility — the B42 training app takes your team to the next level with the help of expertise from the professional sector. You're always ready for big games. But also prepared? With our individual training, you'll get right to the point.

It is tailored to the strengths and potential of eachr individualn player. So that in future, deliveries can always be made when it matters most: On the pitch.

Get back on track faster. Our comeback training

In future, injury means: Your injury is unlucky. In the future, your medical department will be at Champions League level. Speed up your physical healing process with daily, soccer-specific comeback training after injuries.

Get back to where your team needs you faster: on the playing field.

Kick it like Messi. Our ball-specific training

You can see how important a perfect first contact is every week with Jamal Musiala. First touch, dribbling, pass quality and ball control — with our brand-new training with ball, we are expanding our portfolio. From now on, we will do everyn Youth or adult playerIn to the complete soccer player.

In future, a bad last pass, technical deficiencies that invite the opponent to press or a cross into no man's land will be a thing of the past.

Training management that makes soccer players better

What do good trainers doactually out inside? They do everyn playerA little bit better every day. But that takes time. And that is scarce in team training. That's why we give you the tools you need to work on your team's strengths and weaknesses. For the optimal soccer training plan. And a team in which everyone is in the shape of their lives.

There is so much more in everyone/everyone — time to get it out.

No training is free. But almost free

More than 10,000+ teams and 200,000+ players are now training with B42.

In terms of price, team or club training for 4.99 euros per player/year, which comes entirely from professional athletic and rehabilitation trainers, is an absolute winner.

There are two variants:

Not Ronaldinho. But fitter than Ronaldinho

Oliver Schmidtlein also said the following sentence right before the soccer World Cup: “We won't be able to enchant eleven Ronaldinhos now. But we can train 15 or 20 players so that they can run more than Ronaldinho. ”

After all, this philosophy led Germany to third place at the 2006 World Cup. Where will your team's path lead if everyr playerWho is fitter, more enduring, stronger, more agile and faster than the opponent? Or Ronaldinho...

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

Team training with Professional know-how. Now with the team Train via app.

Reading time 5 min
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B42 — the ultimate app for athletic and generational training. Players benefit from tailor-made solutions for top performance, while coaches in the Coach Zone find innovative tools for targeted player development. B42: Your key to excellent performance and successful team development.

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