The B42 Coach Zone — game changer for academies and soccer schools
Optimum player development and revenue stream in one
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Would you like to optimally support your soccer players throughout the season and earn money at the same time? With B42, both are possible! With the flexible additional income model of the B42 Coach Zone.

Flexible additional income model

At B42, you get our solution for a basic amount per player per month. You then set the exact amount for your players yourself - and the difference between the basic amount and the selling price remains as an additional income.

Here is an example: 

You train 100 players, we get €10 per player (€1,000 in total), you resell B42 for €15 per player. After you have received the money from your players, you pay us the basic amount of €1,000 - and earn an additional €500 per month.

Optimum player support on a new level

Advanced Tools

But B42 is much more than just a clever income model. With our solution, you can support your players all year round in a completely new way — regardless of time and location:

  • Give up individual training sessions as “homework” and keep track of who did them.
  • Stay thanks Load monitoring Always informed about the load and adjust the intensity
  • Integrate your own branding with the Workout builder and create own video exercises
  • Run an integrated Performance diagnostics through to measure your progress.

This is how you keep track of things, involve your players more and establish a sustainable brand identity.

The perfect mix for kids and teens

Whether children up to 10 years of age or adolescents over 11 years of age — with B42, you can put together the ideal training mix of ball-specific and athletic exercises. Plan ball sessions regularly, but gradually incorporate mobility, strength and performance diagnostics. This is how you start a holistic learning process for your players.

Routine leads to success

Of course, the new type of training is initially a change for everyone involved. As a trainer, it is your job to consistently ensure that the training sessions are actually carried out in the first 4-6 weeks. But once this routine is in place, B42 becomes a matter of course and you can train your players efficiently and effectively on a new level.

What are you waiting for?

Get the innovative solution from B42 and take advantage of the opportunity to earn additional money as an Academy or soccer school. Your players and wallet will thank you for it! Contact us today for more details.

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

The B42 coach zone for academies and soccer schools. Your key to success.

Reading time 10 min
die ultimative Plattform für Fußballtraining und Teammanagement
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B42 — the ultimate app for athletic and generational training. Players benefit from tailor-made solutions for top performance, while coaches in the Coach Zone find innovative tools for targeted player development. B42: Your key to excellent performance and successful team development.

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