Training during the winter break: strength
For more presence in duels. Start strength training now
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The wider the base, the higher the tip

What has always been “common knowledge” in architecture and from round to round in the tower building game “Jenga” is becoming established rather slowly in sports. In modern soccer, too little attention is still paid to a broad basic athletic base.

What follows are injuries, imbalance and limited performance potential. We'll show you how you can work on your ideal foundation through specific training during the winter break — so that you can really ignite after the second half.

A lot doesn't always help much. Even during your training during the winter break

As we already did in Part 1 for the perfect training for soccer players during the winter break mentioned, you should enjoy your hard-won winter break first. Physically and also mentally fit again and become ready to perform. However, many players run the risk of extending this period like a balloon — until it bursts. The loud bang usually comes in mid-January, when there are only a few weeks until the start of preparation.

Too long training break, Endurance runs that are too long: Longer isn't always better. In the “worst case scenario”, you need to take an injury break right from the start. In winter, this is anything but a piece of cake for your musculoskeletal system: hard training sessions, freezing cold temperatures, little time to recover.

Only a prepared body can withstand this extreme load.

The wider the athletic base, the higher the peak performance

Over 500 actions such as sprinting, pass, shoot, jump or Change of direction It is important for the modern soccer player to complete. Statistics even speak of an increase of over 85% in sprint performance over the last ten years. What do you need as a soccer player to be resilient quickly and explosively in spring?

A basic basis of athletics — and you can now work on that in winter. The wider your athletic foundations, the higher your peak performance can be set. The GAMECHANGER gives you this basic athletic tool conveniently via app. Four power units per week plus two additional Mobility Workouts Mix your personal training cocktail — without an umbrella, but with a taste for success.

Training during the winter break is the key to success

But speed is not the only thing that benefits from — in the truest sense of the word — “strong” athleticism. More power gives you a more stable base position in air battles or ground duels, less vulnerability to injuries as well as minimizing the negative effects of muscular imbalances.

A soccer player's strength program should therefore consist primarily of functional exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, etc., because these also promote the interaction of small muscles.

The play-off time is the key to a season in top form — for us too. Only during this season phase can we work 100% with you on your goals. There is no need to consider game days or team training here. The focus is on you, your athletics and their improvement. Your game. It's your choice.

You lay the basis for the second half in training during the winter break — we have EVERYTHING you need for that.

Be fearless. Be focused. B42

Bring yourself and your team to the next level! With the B42 app for soccer teams.

Reading time 4 min
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